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  • All nominees should be Spaulding family members, either by blood or marriage.

  • Nominations for family awards will be considered and voted on only during the year of a scheduled family reunion.

  • Nominations must be submitted by BESDA/BESDF active board members in good standing who are currently serving a term. Family members can, of course, recommend nominees to board members for consideration.

  • Nominators must be familiar with selection criteria and must complete and submit a nomination statement to the panel that addresses all requested information within prescribed timelines.

  • A Nomination statement will include the following information: name and address of nominee and how they are related to the Spaulding family (through lineage or marriage); brief background information about their nuclear family, occupation, and affiliations with community (or other) organizations; and a concise statement, not to exceed 1,000 words, about what the individual has done to deserve recognition and receipt of a Spaulding Family Award (hereinafter referred to as SFA). Nomination statement forms can be found on the family website, under Family Association.

  • Nomination statements should be USPS mailed or e-mailed to the Secretary of the BESDA/BESDF Board, who will make copies and forward to panel members.

  • There will be an announced, specified period of time during which nominations will be accepted by the awards panel. At the Fall board meeting, prior to the year of the next scheduled reunion, an announcement will be made that the nominations process is “open” and the panel will accept nominations from that date until the end of January of the year of the reunion. The first reunion letter will identify the nominations period, along with a request for interested family members to contact their regional representative for procedural information. Regional directors will be asked to assist with disseminating information about the awards nominations process and to facilitate identification of eligible prospective awardees. At the next February board meeting during the year of the reunion, the board will bring the slate of nominee recommendations forward for board consideration and a vote.

Appointment/Selection of SFA Panel

A three person panel of judges will be appointed by the Board President. At least one of the three persons will be a currently serving BESDA/BESDF board member and the two other judges will be family members. The panel will meet prior to the February meeting to review nomination statements and determine which applicants, if any, are deserving of receiving an award in any of the aforementioned categories. In addition, the panel will recommend the most deserving candidate, from their analysis, to receive an award. Panel recommendation is still subject to a vote by the Board.


Persons who serve on the panel of judges will be ineligible to submit a name for award consideration.


The three person panel of judges will be selected by the Board President at the summer (July) board meeting of the year before the reunion and will serve for 2 election cycles.


  • A nominator has the right to request a reason for non-selection if his/her nominee was not selected by the panel for an award.

  • Selected SFA award recipients will be sent a letter of notification regarding their selection as a award recipient. This letter will also include any requirements about attendance and/or acceptance.

  • SFA award recipients will be honored publicly during the banquet at the bi-annual family reunion. If the honoree is unable to attend, he/she will be asked to secure a representative to receive the award in his/her stead.

  • There is no requirement for awards to be given in any or all categories at every reunion. If there are no suitable candidates for a particular category, no award will be given at that time.


Submitted by Paula Spaulding & Bernard “Beaver” Goins; 4/2011

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